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About Denise Marie

Welcome to Denise Marie's intrinsicZone webpage – a space to discover the multi-faceted world of a poet, author, philanthropist, and creative entrepreneur. Denise Marie's journey is a fusion of words, art, compassion, and innovation, all aimed at making the world a more beautiful and inclusive place.

Poetry and Authorship: Denise Marie's soul finds solace in the cadence of words. As a poet and author, she weaves emotions into verses that touch the hearts of readers worldwide. Her words are a tapestry of emotions, thoughts, and experiences, inviting readers to embark on journeys of self-discovery and reflection. Whether it's the pages of her books or the lines of her digital verses, Denise Marie's words resonate, inspire, and ignite the imagination.

Philanthropy through XVII Foundation: Denise Marie believes in the power of giving back. Through the XVII Foundation, she channels her compassion and resources towards meaningful causes. The foundation is a beacon of hope for underserved communities, providing support, unity, and empowerment opportunities. With every endeavor, Denise Marie aims to create a legacy of positive change that transcends boundaries and uplifts lives.

My latest projects

de'Mari Collection: Jewelry and Beauty Products: The creative spirit knows no bounds, and Denise Marie's artistic endeavors extend to the realm of jewelry and beauty. The de'Mari Collection is a testament to her keen eye for design and aesthetics. Each piece of jewelry and beauty product is a masterpiece, crafted with precision and infused with the essence of elegance. From delicate necklaces that tell stories to beauty products that enhance natural radiance, the de'Mari Collection is an ode to beauty in all its forms.

Blogs on Lil' Blk Sheep: Denise Marie's digital footprint also includes a vibrant blog on Lil' Blk Sheep. Through this platform, she shares insights, musings, and perspectives on life's myriad facets. Her words on Lil' Blk Sheep are a reflection of her authenticity, inviting readers into her world with honesty and vulnerability. From personal anecdotes to profound observations, Denise Marie's blog captures the essence of the human experience.

As you navigate through this webpage, you'll discover the tapestry of Denise Marie's passions and pursuits. Her journey is one of creativity, compassion, and continuous growth. Join her as she paints the world with words, extends a helping hand through the XVII Foundation, adds elegance to life through the de'Mari Collection, and opens her heart on Lil' Blk Sheep. Thank you for entering this intrinsicZone space, where honesty, harmony, and health dwell daily.

My Latest Projects


"X'press-Shun" is a remarkable collection of poetry that skillfully weaves together the quirky, vibrant, and heartfelt experiences of a young African American woman. It is a testament to the power of words to capture emotions, tell stories, and create connections that transcend boundaries.The author fearlessly delves into experiences that are both relatable and unique, creating a sense of unity while celebrating individuality. The poems often take unexpected turns, inviting readers to see the world from a different angle and challenging preconceived notions. This dynamic storytelling keeps the reader engaged and eager to turn the page. This book is a true gem that deserves a place on the shelf of anyone who appreciates the beauty and power of poetry.

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