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About Denise Marie

Hey, it's me, Denise Marie, founder of intrinsicZone. I grew up in a small city, Gary, IN, but had big dreams...too many big many big dreams that I overwhelmed myself and gave up on all of them. During the Covid-19 pandemic, like many of us, I had a lot of time to reflect on what I truly wanted out of life. What I came up with, is what I'm sharing with you right now, intrinsicZone. It's the innermost essence of you and me. I was born to write and create. I know this. I love this. I want to share it and that is the ultimate goal of being a human. Finding out what makes you happy and sharing that happiness with the world. Being able to take the ugliness of the "downs" and turn it into the art of the "ups" makes life worth living.

“They know we are disciples of Jesus Christ because we love one another. God is in the midst of us, and because of this, we will Not fail.”

Who am I? I'm a lot of things but being an author tips the scale. I write to encourage, uplift and unveil the truth that the world tends to dim. My page is a one-stop shop! I use it to share my ideas and creations. Funds go back to the things that I care about, helping the people I see, one person at a time! Be sure to subscribe, so you can stay ahead of all the deals and giveaways. Also, follow me on all available platforms (each one is different) I don't want you to miss out, join me in changing the world one smile at a time!

My latest projects

My Latest Projects


The Infamous Twitbook Snapgram Monster vs. Me

My very first book, my baby. IT'S BEING REVAMPED. This is exciting, You're literally going to see my little baby grow up. This book means a lot to me. It's the physical evidence of my fears being shattered. The original is still available for purchase but not for long!



This is my newest book. Still out for Pre Order until the end of May! I'm in love with this book. I'm sure you will be too and I'm not being biased. This book has 300+ pages of stories, poems, and quotes centered around my personal thoughts and past experiences from childhood to adulthood. Raw honesty + Pure Imagination = a book you can't put down.

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